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THE definitive authority on SAT NAM RASAYAN® is Guru Dev Singh, therefore I solely recommend materials, teachers and healers accredited by him. I only recognize him as a trusted source for this amazing modality, as he is the only person Yogi Bhajan entrusted with the mission to systemize Sat Nam Rasayan® so as to teach it in the open. He and his designated teachers are the only guarantors of the system’s purity.
For teachers of Sat Nam Rasayan® within the US, please contact:
The Center for Contemplative Awareness (click on the logo below)
For Guru Dev’s schedule of workshops around the world,
please click on the image below:
KUNDALINI YOGA As Taught By Yogi Bhajan®
THE source and single BEST & trusted reference for anything Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan ® is KRI, the Kundalini Research Institute. Click on the logo to explore their website. Check out the Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings, videos, etc.
Here are specific resources that have helped me along the way and are my trusted references to this day, or simply “a few of my favorite things”. Items will be added as the journey continues. Feel free to email me with specific requests for recommendations. 

All book covers are links


Great for beginners and to gain a solid basic understanding of this technology of Kundalini Yoga in general, this book is a must-have reference. Gurucharan has compiled and interpreted Yogi Bhajan's teachings since the early days, in 1969, and is the director of all Kundalini Yoga training programs at KRI. Having spent decades alongside Yogi Bhajan, Gurucharan is a fantastic resource for knowledge about Kundalini Yoga. 



Guru Dev and Ambrosio Espinosa wrote the only guaranteed entirely trustworthy source of information on Sat Nam Rasayan®, an ancient healing art that Yogi Bhajan may have partially shared with a few, but that he only downloaded in its entirety to Guru Dev, over years of private and silent encounters. When Yogi Bhajan recognized that his student Guru Dev was able to consciously discern the technology imparted to him, he entrusted him with the mission to put it into words and create a system to teach it in the open and to the masses. Ambrosio Espinosa was with Guru Dev that day and has been his student and co-writer ever since. A practicing osteopath in Spain with a medical background, Ambrosio is also one of the most beloved yoga teachers worldwide, and a Sat Nam Rasayan® teacher and practitioner.




A fascinating Book into the complex inner workings of the mind. As described by KRI: “It details the interplay of the positive, negative, and neutral parts of our mind with our nine aspects and twenty-seven projections. Yogi Bhajan's lectures provide a practical approach to the Science of Humanology, and encourage you to meditate to enlist your mind as your friend and servant rather than your master.”







Shakti Parwha’s humor and direct down-to-earth style makes anything she writes easy to understand and the perfect basic reference guides for Kundalini Yoga. She was Yogi Bhajan’s very first student and has been deemed “the mother of 3HO” (Yogi Bhajan’s organization) since its creation. She wrote these books as per Yogi Bhajan’s wishes. Her collection of photos of postures of the master himself dispels any doubt as to what the ideal intended final form is for all major postures (asanas). Ideal as complements for all Teachers in Training.




All books by Nirvair Singh Khalsa are filled with clear and concise information and helpful insights. I particularly like his Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness.


How you choose your yoga music depends on what your specific goal is. Do you want to learn a mantra’s specific pronunciation? Do you just want to create a devotional mood? Be uplifted? Support rhythm and movement? Various artists have talents in different aspects of mantra chanting/singing. Choose knowingly.

If you are searching for the most potent pronunciation and sound producing technology of a mantra, I cannot recommend enough the Chardi Kala Jatha (1). Always in the proper “Naad” (2), always in the proper “Raag” (3), always with accurate pronunciation (4), their sound current supports a deep spiritual experience. The only non-Indian Sikhs allowed to play at the Golden Temple and broadcasted worldwide, they have studied extensively not only with Indian Ragis but with Yogi Bhajan personally. They are the real deal.

For Naad producing technology, the Indian ragis Bhai Avtar Singh and Baba Nihal Singh are other optimum choices. Their sound is not necessarily “pretty”, nor are their voices “pleasant” in our traditional Western sense, but their technology is impeccable.

Gurucharan Singh, the expert Director of Training at KRI, has released several CDs that are great guides for key meditations and kriyas. Check out his Long Ek Ong Kars & Laya Yoga meditations & the handy Wahe Guru for Sodarshan Chakra Kriya. Accurate pronunciation guaranteed :-) !

There are many devotional singers who spring from the 3HO(5) Kundalini Yoga tradition who have fabulous voices that can help transport you into deep relaxation, or support the rhythms of movement during kriyas.
Spirit Voyage is a treasure chest of not just musical versions of mantras used in Kundalini Yoga but of devotional music from almost any spiritual tradition. Since Yogi Bhajan made it clear that teachers should ONLY play “3HO Kundalini Yoga Music” during class (and if no such music is available, then only classical music - without vocals, I’ll only share here what is relevant for Kundalini Yoga as taught by him:

Amongst the most popular 3HO(5) ”classics” in a variety of styles: the angelic Singh Kaur & Kim Robertson’s Crimson Collection, the many enchanting albums of the mega-famous Snatam Kaur, the happy acoustic guitar and enlivening sound of Guru Singh & Friends (he has collaborated with such prestigious recording artists as Seal) Hari Bhajan Kaur & many more… Special mention for a personal favorite: Simran Kaur (& Guru Prem)’s Mool Mantra, part of the album “Suite: Kirtan Sohila”: the recording somehow carries the magic of the beautiful soul it was originally intended for.

Amongst newer artists with very personal styles and amazing voices: Jai-Jagdeesh, Mirabai Ceiba (songs in Spanish too), Simrit Kaur, Nirinjan Kaur, Amrit Kirtan, Hari Bhajan Kaur (jr), Aykanna

Remember: if you are using a musical version of a mantra for a set personal daily discipline or a japa, double-check on the pronunciation, a hit song is not a guarantee of accurate pronunciation (if you wish to apply the technology for optimum effect of your kriya or meditation).

MY PERSONAL TAKE ON A CONTROVERSIAL TOPIC: Many new artists have put modern/current twists on some of the mantras, with trance remixes etc. These versions can be galvanizing and help you move energetically, and that’s great! Just bear in mind that these are sacred(6) mantras also used by religious devotees and that certain physical expressions may be considered out of place and offensive. This is not a question of morals: there is nothing shameful about bodies; but these mantras are part of a sacred technology to “elevate” and not “indulge” or “have fun”. Many people use them outside of yoga to worship their concept of God. Kundalini Yoga adepts and religious Sikhs use the same sound-current technology, albeit with slightly different end-goals: it would be nice if we all respected each other. Not paying attention to this has and can create undesirable and unnecessary backlash.

(1) Spelling varies. Sometimes found under Cherdi Khala Jetha
(2) Naad: the sound current that creates balance of the 5 tattvas (elements) and brings harmony to the being through shuniya (the point of “0”, stillness).
(3) Raag: literally translated means “bliss". It is the feeling produced through a specific movement of musical notes within the classical scale, i.e. longing or devotion or joy etc.
(4) Accurate pronunciation in a Kundalini Yoga context does not always mean the
Indian classic pronunciation. For example the Mool Mantra starts with the word
transcribed as “Ik”, meaning “one”/”only one”. But the technology of the Adi Shakti mantra, aka the Long Ek Ong Kar or Morning Call, calls for pronouncing the same word “Ek” (Ayk) not "Ik" (Eek).
(5) 3HO the Happy Healthy Holy Organization created by Yogi Bhajan in 1972
(6) Definition of SACRED
a : dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of a deity
b : devoted exclusively to one service or use (as of a person or purpose)
a : worthy of religious veneration : holy
b : entitled to reverence and respect
3 of or relating to religion : not secular or profane <sacred music>



Yoga for REAL Seniors with Mary (Fatehbir Kaur)

Mary specializes in Kundalini Yoga® appropriately adapted to the very elderly, ranking from those who need to stay in chairs to those affected by Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s diseases. She works in retirement & nursing homes and offers individual private sessions. I have seen her work and highly recommend her.

To make an appointment click here.


3 Min Start (Yep, there is an app for that!) by & with Mahan Kirn Kaur

Yoga that works for people who know nothing about yoga and don’t have the time or the desire to practice it. Beautifully shot videos with easy to follow narration will show you easy tips to bring relief to 22 typical general complaints in 3 minutes or less, from alleviating sleeplessness to reducing stress. Downloadable on iTunes or from the website directly. Some apps are available in Spanish too. French versions are in the works. A couple of apps are absolutely free. Also available on DVD. A true Gem!


Learning Sat Nam Rasayan® & Family Constellations (separately, these are 2 modalities) with Hargopal Kaur

Hargopal Kaur teaches Sat Nam Rasayan®, having trained with Guru Dev Singh for over 25 years and is an esteemed healing colleague. To learn more about her work on Constellations and make an appointment, click here. To view her SNR® teaching schedule at Yoga West, click here.


Kundalini Yoga in English, Russian & Georgian with Anda (Jiwan Kaur)

Anda is based in New-York and gives private lessons. She is an exceptional yogini (feminine form of yogi) and a fellow student of Guru Dev Singh. She has completed an astounding amount of meditative retreats and japas. Her perpetual liveliness brightens any room. She teaches in the languages mentioned above. To make an appointment for a private class click here


Yoga Classes Reviews & Referral Services “Insider information about (…) yoga classes, teachers, studios, workshops and events” in your area. with AlignYo

Independent Party reviewed yoga classes of all types and insider information are to be found on this user-friendly site. The reviews and articles are witty and spirited, very well written and objective. Well, you can say I am biased, as they gave me a nice review (see link below) but because I was reviewed myself, I can attest that: 1- the teacher has no clue that a journalist is there to review him/her, even after the class is over, 2 – the journalist picked up on the elements that I aim to incorporate as a KY teacher, and 3 – is obviously knowledgeable on the topic of yoga. So check this site if you are curious about a studio or a teacher in your current local area.http://www.alignyo.com/local-classes/los-angeles/lunchtime-yoga-with-kaline-carr-khalsa



Have you ever wished you could go out and party while enjoying a non alcoholic heathy drink that would be original and sophisticated? These mood mixers are totally innovative. Great with or WITHOUT alcohol, they fit in any environment. Now yogis who want to stay true to their healthy lifestyle can go out and drink in style too Too good to be true, I just had to share.

"ALTAR is the first adult sophisticated all natural alcohol free beverage, also known as an Herbal Martini. It is curated to enjoyed alone or paired with fine spirits as a premium herbal cocktail mixer. Each ALTAR recipe is curated with 13 to 24 totally unique ingredients, ranging from single estate teas, organic fruits and/or vegetables, spices, herbs and botanicals."


For an original, Yogic-in-Spirit gift that keeps on giving
Small ($25 & up) loans that alleviate poverty throughout the world while empowering the borrowers. Founded in 2005, Kiva is “a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world”. http://www.kiva.org/start A friend gifted me a $25 certificate years ago that I have been able to use and reuse in different parts of the world ever since. You - or your gift recipient ­ choose(s) the country, the trade, the individual or group to help. Loans are always repaired (92.8% rate). Thus your Kiva gift certificate can last as long as you wish it too, making happy many more than you and your gift recipient along the way.


Amrit Jewelry: Original Spiritual Deluxe Jewelry, conceived & designed by Sat Hari.


Sat Hari is well known in exclusive international circles for her vast knowledge in anything pertaining to health & healing. Worldly and well-travelled, she brings her impeccable taste, knowledge of gemstones and unique inspiration to an exclusive line of high-end unisex jewelry, both trendy and timeless. Her style is often copied, but her designs are imbued with unmatchable modern elegance and avant-garde originality. One of her signatures is trunk high elephants, a symbol of good luck and prosperity: Amrit Jewelry supports elephant conservation and a portion of the earnings goes to the rehabilitation of orphaned or persecuted elephants and the protection of wildlife in Kenya. This distinctive line of precious gems is named after Sat Hari’s most valuable jewel: her beautiful daughter.

Marianna Z

Marianna Z: Best Detoxing-Lymph-Draining-Anti-Ageing-Cell-Repairing Treatments ever!!

Don’t let her colorful accented English or her wild exuberance fool you: Marianna is a genius. A former competitive athlete in her native Hungary, this baby-faced bionic woman has an extraordinary knowledge of the human body and an uncanny 6th sense about how to repair the assaults of age, toxic overload, illness and… cosmetic surgery procedures. Resolutely anti Botox® and the likes of it, her mission is to allow her clients to maintain or regain their youthful appearance through deep tissue, lymphatic glands and organs cleansing. Always au fait with the latest technology, her spectacular results are due to how she bends every new machine to her vision, maneuvering her wands like an expert surgeon turned inspired wizard! Alas, at the time I write this, she has already been swept away by a string of mega-stars to whom she has become invaluable and her schedule is filled with private calls. However, she has promised to remain accessible to mere mortals and is working on setting up a Los Angeles office and franchises. You can always try your luck in the meantime by sending a private message here



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