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Sat Nam Rasayan ® is an ancient healing modality that is the purest, least manipulative and yet most powerful technique I have ever encountered. It was "love at first contact" for me.

Sat Nam Rasayan® works for all kinds of physical conditions or ailments, mental anguish or unfavorable circumstances. Below are just a few examples.

Although this site is primarily dedicated to Kundalini Yoga, I am an active & dedicated Sat Nam Rasayan® practitioner. For info on sessions and how to book one:
click here for services page

People usually come to Sat Nam Rasayan® after they have tried every other healing modality that is easier to define and rationalize. Sat Nam Rasayan® is not flamboyant: it works subtly, but with deep impact. I have witnessed tremendous shifts for people in just about any area.

People have come seeking relief for any type of issue ranking from:

- my first client came to me after 2 years of unfruitful fertility treatments; she left our session looking dubious anything was achieved yet became pregnant within less than a month

- chronic migraines (I had a recent case solved in a single session after the patient spent “tens of thousands of dollars in emergency rooms in close to 2 years”)

- not being able to attract favorable circumstances in various domains: a prominent and successful acupuncturist had several sessions at the start of her career to eradicate the tendencies that had kept her from independent success despite her recognized skills

- terminal diseases.(1) (2)

(1) On this last issue, let me share that sometimes healing occurs where remission doesn’t. The more “crystallized”, materialized, a disease is, and the more remission will be hard to achieve. But that does not mean some healing does not take place. Healing sometimes looks different from the outcome we wish to see happen. If someone you know has been overwhelmed by the news of a terrible diagnostic and that person is terrified and miserable, wouldn’t it make a big difference for you to see them suddenly find peace and the strength to sustain whatever circumstances await them, remission or not? That’s healing too.
(2) I specialize in assisting the terminally ill through end-of-life transitioning.

Sat Nam Rasayan® does not claim to replace medical treatments, but it definitely has its place among them. My colleagues in Spain frequently work and donate time in hospitals.

Sat Nam Rasayan ® is so simple in its essence and yet so complex in its subtleties that explaining it is very hard to do. It could take pages & pages of long explanations, because words don't describe it accurately. Each time you choose a word you find you have to caution against the limitations implicated by it. Thus Sat Nam Rasayan ® is best simply experienced, although here again, clients may report "not feeling anything" to "feeling like (they were) in the presence of God" (Ray, Madrid) and everything in between.

To make a long story short, Sat Nam Rasayan ® is a particular state of the meditative consciousness. The practitioner uses the "subtle body" to connect to a person or persons in need. By including the client(s) in his or her meditative space or the practitioner experiences and recognizes the areas of tensions in that merged space, without interpreting or forming a diagnosis. He or she then attempts to create expansion, without forcing. It sounds like little, but it can create huge shifts in a person's life, sometimes in unexpected ways. Traditional medical treatments that were unsuccessful can suddenly have their positive effect because after a Sat Nam Rasayan ® session the client is ready to accept the treatment on a deep level (for example fertility treatments which had remained unsuccessful etc.)

Click here for a step-by-step explanation in PDF

While learning to practice Sat Nam Rasayan ®, it is as easy to succeed in reaching the first step as it is difficult to truly master the subtleties of the technique, which includes remaining in a state of utmost neutrality. The training is never over, because each session is unique: each person, each time and space. The more "meditative spaces" the practitioner experiences, the more neutral he or she can remain, the more expansive, and thus the more effective.

To learn the healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan® click here to find a teacher or click this link for Guru Dev Singh’s travel schedule.



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