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Dos Ángeles disfrazados de jovencitas bellisimas de 6 y 7 años pidieron acudir a la última clase de Kundalini Yoga de la temporada para los Estupendos Vecinos del Jueves en Las RoSas. Participaron activamente a todos los ejercicios incluido los más sutiles y hicieron enteramente la meditación de 11 minutos!!!
Si son el futuro, este planeta puede tener esperanza!
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2 days ago

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Todavía por confirmar : posibilidad de clase adicional de Kundalini los miércoles a las 19:00h. A partir de septiembre :-) ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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Simran Kaur nos inspiró y nos elevó en Alineación perfecta con su Bhakti y su Shakti este fin de semana pasado en Madrid. Fue un regalo absoluto disfrutar de su presencia. En Yoga Center tuvieron que abrir una segunda sala para recibir a todos los que querían escuchar sus cantos para acariciar el alma. El año que viene Simran regresará en Yoga Center para dar su taller de Alineación tan especial que nos han escrito varias personas de manera espontánea. En los comentarios pondremos algunos testimonios espontáneos.

Y ya tenemos los certificados de créditos de educación continua para los que acudieron al fantástico taller de Simran Kaur este Domingo 4 de junio.

Gracias a Anubha Centro, María Sarandeep Kaur, a todo el equipo de Yoga Center, Julia Gabor, Andrés Gonzales, Pedro Pedrosa & Roberto Ortega para ayudar en la organización de estos eventos. Y a Simran Kaur por ser tan flexible en tantos sentidos ;-)
Sat Nam.
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Simran Kaur Madrid Junio 2017 en concierto en Yoga Center (c/ de Serrano, Puerta de Alcalá) y taller en Anubha Centro Las Rozas de Madrid

2 weeks ago

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#HéroeMonopatínEP DEP #ignacioecheverría gracias por dejar atrás un ejemplo de coraje. Más sentido pésame a tu familia y seres queridos. En clase de yoga en #lasrozasdemadrid en Anubha Centro el lunes, te celebraremos. Ahora toca a cada uno despertar el héroe que llevamos dentro, pase lo que pase, en vida diaria o en crisis, cómo lo hiciste tú #ignacioecheverriaheroe ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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We just had her here in Madrid and she is PHENOMENAL. I knew her teachings from Teachers training and had been including the principles in my practice and teaching, yet she still impressed the... Spine Alignment out of me!!! Will post testimonies from this Sunday's workshop tomorrow.
Run to her workshop!!
I am already planning her return here next year.
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Join us in London this weekend for a deep exploration of how to approach asanas safely and correctly with posture expert Simran Kaur Khalsa. During this two-day course you will have the opportunity to refine your own practice and get tips on how to safely guide students into and out of challenging postures. In addition to the Divine Alignment training, Simran will lead an evening of Kirtan (Friday) and a more traditional Kundalini Yoga and Meditation class (Thursday). It's a treat to have Simran visiting. She's one of the first babies born into the 3HO community and has been immersed in the teachings her whole life. She has tremendous knowledge along with compassion, grace and a great sense of humor.

3 weeks ago

Kundalini Yoga Correct: 3 Events with Simran

June 8, 2017, 7:00pm

JOY Yoga

CHANGE YOURS STORY, CHANGE YOUR BODY, CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Thursday, 8 June, 7-9PM, Brockway Room at Conway HallThe Tent at St. Ethelburgas •78 Bishopsgate • EC2N 4AG As part of this special Kundalini Yoga class, you will have a chance to explore how you give meaning to what happens in your life and what to do to change your perspective so you can live the life you want. This class is suitable for students of all ages and abilities. The Brockway Room at Conway Hall •25 Red Lion Square • London WC1R 4RL £20 on or before 31 May, £25 after MUSIC & MANTRAS FOR THE AQUARIAN AGE Friday, 9 June, 7-9PM, The Tent at St. Ethelburgas Simran will sing some of the songs from her recent albums and lead chanting. Develop your capacity to sing, listen to your own voice, and cultivate your own unique, soul-soothing sound. During this concert you will have the chance to: * Learn to deeply listen * Find your voice * Learn the differences between chanting and singing * Practice correct mantra pronunciation * Use your body as a tuned instrument * Breathe better- for singing and life * Practice chanting and singing The Tent at St. Ethelburgas •78 Bishopsgate • EC2N 4AG £20 on or before 31 May, £25 after THE HEART RULES YOUR ALIGNMENT: HOW TO DO KUNDALINI YOGA CORRECT Saturday-Sunday, 10-11 June, 10AM-6PM, Light Centre Moorgate Learn the fundamentals necessary to have a comfortable asana and meditation practice. Understand how to build and grow postures from any level or ability, with the core components of each asana. Learn what Yogi Bhajan asked for, Kundalini Yoga correct & learn what he called the "The Highest form of Wisdom,' - to Relax! Unlock the patterns of tension in your body and mind, so you can listen to your soul. Practice is important, but how you practice is a more important! During this two-day workshop you will learn: * In-depth study of the bandhas, their application and various uses. * Correct breathing * How to safely approach any asana at any level * Secrets of spinal flex * How to have better posture * How to improve your flexibility * How to do asanas you thought you couldn't or were afraid to try! * To deepen your meditative practice by finding your Asana (comfortable seat) * How to practice with ease, at your pace and listen to your body all while 'Keeping Up!' * Have Fun! This course follows a directive of Yogi Bhajan who asked Simran's husband of 26 years GuruPrem to teach how to do Kundalini Yoga Correct. The books Divine Alignment and The Heart Rules share this knowledge. This course is for everyone: beginners, long time practitioners and experts. All will learn something new that can bring more ease, strength and flexibility to their yoga practice. This is a two-day course but you may come for just one day if your time is short. Light Centre Moorgate • 114 London Wall • London EC2M 5QA £80 / day on or before 31 May, £90 after Book both days for £145 by 31 May, £180 after ABOUT SIMRAN One of the first babies born into the 3HO community, Simran Kaur is a lifelong singer and yogi. She grew up in an ashram in Brooklyn, New York (USA) and was surrounded by Kirtan from her earliest days. She went to school in Mussoorie, India where she studied voice and harmonium. She also studied Gatka and Gurbani. Simran and her husband GuruPrem have recorded many mantras and songs together, including: Tantric Har (her most widely known recording), Tantric Mool Mantra, Tantric Sa Ta Na Ma. Their recent albums include: The Heart Rules, Heal Me ( with Siri Simrity mantra for restoring dignity, divinity and grace to the feminine), Suite: Kirtan Sohila which they also recorded in Spanish with the title Dulces Suenos, and Love Life! Simran loves to share how to sing with people and help everyone listen to and create their unique voice and sound. Simran has taught Yoga for over 20 years and studied and taught extensively with her husband GuruPrem (designated by Yogi Bhajan as the Posture Master). She is a KRI-certified teacher and trainer. She is the lead teacher trainer of Divine Alignment & The Heart Rules around the world.

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